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A federated Social Network for Potsdam’s Left is a growing digital platform for Potsdam. Left people and groups are able to get in touch here since February 2021.

We consider this a cross-currents project and therefore want to allow easy and open access to the platform. At the same time, communication on obviously has boundaries. More info can be found in our platform rules.

Additionally we aim at restricting access to the platform to Potsdam and surroundings. This however does not mean that you can only talk to people from Potsdam. We are part of a federated network. You can interact with more than 4 million users worldwide. And if you want to these users can read your content and talk to you. More on this: How does this platform work.

If you agree to our platform rules and feel connected to the region of Potsdam, you are welcom to register an account.

Please stay tuned for english translation. We are still working on it.